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 Benidorm Jet Boat Sea Furious
Are you a thrill seaker looking for your next adrenaline rush?
If your answer to that question is YES, then this boat trip is for you!
Don´t miss your chance to experience the thrilling, journey aboard the Sea Furious Jet Boat in Benidorm.

A thrilling, extreme & refreshing ride with high speed manovers,  turns and spins.

Departing daily for the port of Benidorm.  Ride time approximatey 25 minutes.  The Jet Boat has a maximum capacity 12 people in each ride.


  • How to get to... Benidorm port or to the platform.
  • Address:- Paseo de Colon, Benidorm, Alicante, Spain.
  • Children: 8-10 years.

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